Kirsten Andersen is an advisor with over 20 years of experience from public management, boards and municipalities, including as head of government and external lecturer at CBS as well as the University of Southern Denmark. Kirsten is an extremely experienced teacher, coach and consultant specializing in organizational and strategy development. In Urbaxa, Kirsten bridges the gap between the research world and daily practice. She emphasizes getting the latest knowledge disseminated and incorporated into practice. Kirsten has a long-standing management and consulting background from public and humanitarian organizations as well as the consultancy industry. She has completed change processes and development projects, also under the auspices of the municipality.

In recent years, Kirsten has been focusing on working with companies and organizations on business visibility in university education. In this context, she participates in the groNet management network and is a mentor for the CBS Full-time MBA. Kirsten emphasizes active action and development of management and collaboration with citizens and businesses on better solutions to common challenges such as growth environments for start-ups. When Kirsten takes on assignments, it is always based on proven knowledge and great personal commitment. Academically, Kirsten has education and certifications such as MBA, HRD Business Diploma, ICC Coach and DiSC.

Kirsten Andersen