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Analyser til byplanlægning ved PLANGRUPPEN


Knowledge and studies for the development of cities

​We work to create insight into place-bound qualities and citizens' experiences and wishes in connection with the development and planning of cities and local areas. Our studies and advice provide insight into decisions, strategies, vision plans and municipal planning.


​We advise on mapping, strategies and development. In urban planning, we help to create a professional understanding of qualities and connections and contribute to the knowledge and understanding of citizens and the wishes and needs of business.


​Attractive cities are places where it has been possible to convert qualities into something unique that provides value for the citizens. With our mapping methods, we help create clarity and understanding of what creates an attractive city with a focus on people and life.


​In many smaller market towns and station towns, commercial life is being relocated and premises are waiting for new life and new functions. We advise and contribute to the development of models for renewed attractiveness in congested city centers and main streets.


​Based on our extensive investigative work and mapping of 250 station cities in Denmark, we have particular expertise in advising on the development of station cities. The consultancy takes, among other things, starting point in an architectural mapping and sketching of scenarios for the revitalization or renewal of the station town's characteristic main street.


​We organize, implement and provide sparring for co-creative processes in urban development in the initial phases of urban development. We emphasize getting the citizens' insight into play early on. It's about getting equal input into the city's development.


​There has been more focus on various versions of intermediate planning such as comprehensive plans, area renewals, strategic plans, etc. The plans are often distinguished by being drawn up in close collaboration with the citizens. We assist with advice on the use of surveys and collaborative processes with citizens that produce the desired knowledge as well as reporting

​Plangruppen has assisted municipalities, ministries, regions and foundations with knowledge for urban planning since 2008. Urban Planner (MAA) Tenna Tychsen is responsible for Plangruppen's services in the area.

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