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Personal data policy, data protection and GDPR

​In general.

Plangruppen is subject to the applicable personal data legislation, which goes by the name GDPR / data protection regulation. The purpose of our personal data policy is to explain how we process and protect personal data. It is important for us to take good care of your personal data. Protecting your personal information is therefore a fundamental part of the way we think and work, online and offline. Processing of personal data in the Plan Group takes place in accordance with current legislation on the handling of personal data (GDPR). If you want to see what information we have registered about you, you can contact us and request the release of your information. You can read more about data rights at

Personal data we process if you are a respondent in a survey.

If you are a respondent or participate in a respondent panel, we process general personal data. Your information will never be passed on. The general personal data included in surveys or panels may include name, e-mail, telephone, age, gender, education, job situation, form of housing, consumption habits or similar. This information is used for statistical analysis, respectively. for targeting studies. Unless otherwise agreed with you as the respondent, your data will always be processed in an anonymous and statistical manner. When we collect information for panels or in connection with investigations, it is done exclusively through systems that comply with the GDPR and with whom we have a written data processing agreement. We only store personal data in connection with surveys and panels as long as we have a legitimate purpose for the processing. If you want deletion or insight into information we have about you as a participant in a study or a panel, you can contact us via the contact information in the study you are participating in, or contact us at, with information about that panel or the study to which the inquiry relates.

Personal data we process if you have a business relationship with us.

If you have a business relationship with us, we only process general personal data, and no personally sensitive data. The information we process is intended to provide individual service, just as we process the information that is necessary to be able to offer or solve tasks. This information includes name, email, phone number, product interests and notes in relation to professional dialogue. The information is stored in our CRM system and financial system, which is also subject to GDPR. We only store and use your personal data as long as we have a valid and legitimate purpose for the processing. Information is used for contact by phone or email and to perform the relevant service.

Marketing (emails, telephone, social media).

We send content with marketing to people who have pre-registered and consented to this. You have the option to indicate if you no longer wish to receive marketing via e-mail, either as indicated in the specific e-mails you receive, or by sending a message to where you opt out of receiving e-mail marketing . If you are a customer of ours or have another business relationship with us and you have provided your email address, we can send you marketing emails without consent if our inquiry is about the products and services, or similar products and services, that you or your company has bought from us.


Data Protection Officer: Lars Lindenberg.

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