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PLANGRUPPENS publikationer om samfundsudvikling


Publications prepared for ministries, agencies, regions, municipalities or foundations.


The Green Frejlev.

The Green Frejlev. How smaller urban communities occupy landscape space and create a new identity. The report describes a concept for how municipalities can collaborate with citizens from idea to implementation and operation of nature in the urban environment. The report provides insight into nature and biodiversity's challenges and opportunities in cities. Project for Aalborg Municipality with support from the Housing and Planning Agency. Publisher: Plangruppen.


Healthy School Roads.

Healthy School Roads. Study in collaboration with 9 municipalities and report with recommendations for more active school transport. The report provides municipalities throughout the country with more knowledge about the transport choices of families with children, their motives and preferences and methods that can be brought into play to promote walking and cycling. The survey's data is based on answers from 11,000 respondents, supported by interviews with both active and passive transport families. Project supported by the GF Foundation. Publisher: Plangruppen.


Danish Station Town Centers as cultural heritage.

​Danish Station town centers as cultural heritage. With vastly different conditions for the station towns' development, standstill or settlement - the purpose of the book is to present development or settlement scenarios that respect the station town's special urbanity, identity and attractiveness. The book includes a typological mapping and analysis of 250 Danish station towns. Mapping and book publication are supported by the Danish Building and Housing Agency and Realdania. Publisher: JWH Arkitekter


Development of the town centers of the station towns.

​Development of the city centers of the station cities. 8 professional articles for understanding the station towns' prerequisites and opportunities for development. The book presents i.a. articles on station town typologies in a historical and future perspective, on station towns' influences from social megatrends, on strategies and scenarios for the center and midpoint, as well as a catalog of ideas with future scenarios. The collection of articles has been published with support from the Danish Building and Housing Authority


Screening of 31 city centres.

​31 city centers - screening of city centers. Analysis of 31 town centers in Region Southern Denmark aims to shed light on the town centres' identity, attractiveness and urban life. The screening has formed the basis for a description of the individual cities' characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and potentials within the themes: Place identity, city life dynamos, buildings and urban spaces. Screening was carried out by the architects Jan W. Hansen, JWH Arkitekter and Tenna Tychsen, Plangruppen. The analysis is published by Region Syddanmark.


Housing 2 – Part of the modern village.

House 2 (Part time house) – Part of the modern village. Research project on part-time settlement and the impact of part-time settlement on the local community. The report serves as inspiration for municipalities and local communities in the country's outlying areas. The results from the survey indicate that there is significant potential in part-time settlement in cities and local communities where there is a good housing quality even if houses are empty. Published with support from the Ministry of Business and Industry's Landdistrikt pool Publisher: Plangruppen.


Co-creative processes in smaller towns.

​Co-creative processes in smaller towns. A cookbook for local and municipal partners who are embarking on development and area renewal in smaller towns. The publication is a guide to co-creative local development. Analysis and extensive interviews in 4 cities spread across the country have provided an illustration of how municipalities and local communities succeed in creating development in their own way. Prepared by Susanne Aagaard and Tenna Tychsen for the Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing.


Related article

​Co-creative processes in smaller towns. Article in the professional journal BYPLAN 2016. Area renewal in small and smaller towns offers a rich variety in the cooperation between municipalities and local actors. Area renewal often becomes a dynamo, where both municipal and local actors grow with the task – and the task grows with it. By Susanne Aagaard and Tenna Tychsen. Published by Byplanlaboratoriet.


Make cultural heritage known and alive.

Make the cultural heritage known and alive. Development of a method to build a bridge between past and future in urban development. The report offers suggestions on how to bring cultural heritage to life together with the local community. Cultural heritage plays a big role when we must jointly find and build on the values we already have. The project has been carried out in collaboration between Billund Municipality, Billund Museum, JWH Arkitekter and Plangruppen. Supported by the Ministry of Urban, Housing and Rural Affairs.


Concept for mixed forms of housing.

​Concept for mixed forms of housing. How can municipalities and housing organizations collaborate to develop mixed forms of housing in new residential areas? Svendborg Andels-Boligforening and Svendborg Municipality wanted to find an answer to that question when in 2009 the municipality began to realize the plans for the Tankefuld district. The concept was drawn up in collaboration with future residents. Prepared by Tenna Tychsen for Kuben Management and Svendborg Andels-Boligforening with support from BL.


Values and cooperation in Urban Renewal.

​Values and collaboration in Urban Renewal. Three cases illustrate how cooperation with residents and local stakeholders can be developed to bring a common value base into play in urban renewal. The report provides an insight into 3 concrete, but different proposals for how local actors collaborate to bring values into play in building renewal, area renewal and in local community development respectively. The report was written by Tenna Tychsen for Kuben Byfornyelse Danmark A/S. with support from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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