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We deliver knowledge to decision makers. Our service consists of investigations and stakeholder involvement for decision-makers in the public and private sectors. Through reliable methods, we deliver data, insight and knowledge that make your important decisions better. All customers are serviced by experienced, academic staff with backgrounds from business, municipalities, ministries and universities.

Our Team 

Viden og analyser til bedre beslutninger ved PLANGRUPPEN


Plangruppen works with a broad spectrum of knowledge needs. Our service always revolves around the challenges of the individual customer. The focus areas are fields where we have particularly extensive experience.


Society's mobility is changing, both as a result of climate action, technologies, changed settlements and the demographic development with more elderly people. Decision-makers who work with mobility and traffic should know the road users' habits, preferences, attitudes and experiences of traffic.



Citizens' actions play a role in reducing C02 emissions. This applies not least in the areas of housing, transport and consumption habits. At the same time, citizens' attitudes towards the establishment of renewable energy facilities (wind and solar) have a great importance for climate action, locally and nationally. We carry out projects that map citizens' attitudes and readiness for action.

Viden om borgernes forhold til klima ved PLANGRUPPEN


​The home and where we choose to live is one of the most important things in life. Analyzes of citizens' motives for settling and housing wishes can help municipalities, developers and housing companies to understand what attracts citizens and how they want to live.

Viden og analyser af bosætning ved PLANGRUPPEN


​We work to create insight into place-bound qualities and citizens' experiences and wishes in connection with the development and planning of cities and local areas. Our studies and advice provide insight into decisions, strategies, vision plans and municipal planning.

Viden og analyser til byplanlægning ved PLANGRUPPEN


​Cooperation between business and authorities is of great importance for employment and welfare. When authorities want to offer the best possible cooperation with business, it is best done on the basis of knowledge and dialogue. The planning group develops analyzes of the business climate that map the needs and challenges of business life, so that the municipality can target public business efforts, offers and strategies.

Viden og analyser til erhvervsudvikling ved PLANGRUPPEN
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