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Habitat and quality of life survey

​Local politicians and planners responsible for the development of municipalities, cities and habitats should know about the citizens' experiences and quality of life in the area. Both to identify strengths and weaknesses and to have clear benchmarks for development. The planning group has extensive experience in analyzing municipalities as habitats, by elucidating citizens' views on municipalities' special identity, quality of life, settlement conditions and political priorities.


Citizens rarely live in a certain city or area solely because of the good work of the city council and the municipality. But still, the municipality's work plays a big role in the citizens' satisfaction with the place they live - what can be collectively called settlement and quality of life. What qualities in the municipality do citizens appreciate - and what could be improved - this is key knowledge in relation to development, strategy and branding of habitats and municipalities.

The planning group's habitat study sheds light on the citizens' view of the municipality's identity, quality of life, settlement, democracy and future. The study is based on fundamental parameters within settlement and perceived quality, which are about the municipality's characteristics, infrastructure, nature, surroundings, people and relationships, based on research into settlement.

The analysis maps:

Citizens' quality of life

The special identity of the municipality

Opinions about the municipality's qualities

Opinions on politics and inclusion

The municipality's focus areas going forward

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