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The direct path to knowledge and dialogue

Who would you like to dialogue with? Families with children, young people, the elderly, people interested in culture, sportsmen, homeowners, cyclists, entrepreneurs or commuters. We create contact and useful insights.

We provide online citizen panels that work in practice, for building knowledge and supporting democratic processes and development work.

We provide total solutions including recruitment, operations, communication, surveys, processes and assistance for user meetings or citizen meetings. Our experience with citizens' panels has been systematized over many years, so that we can offer probably the most competent solutions on the market, which both provide reliable insights and reach out to citizens and users.

Citizen panels make it easier to involve the authorities' target groups in various contexts. Whether it is about quality assurance of daily operations or benchmarks for visions for the future. Through participant profiling, we create contact with the relevant citizens and target groups, whether the target group is broad or very specific.
With our citizens' panels, you get contact with more people than usual, so that the development work can involve a more correct section of the target group, and not just those who are particularly interested.

Through the specially developed methods we use, knowledge is not only collected or a dialogue is created, but a relationship is built which provides quality in the decision-making basis.

Compared to transient involvement, meetings or online feedback, with our methods you get a more representative participation with more reliable data.


  • Representative

  • Relevant target groups

  • Quality in data

  • Methodologically correct

Areas of application:

  • Satisfaction measurements and evaluations

  • User surveys in general

  • Preliminary studies for development work

  • Vision preparatory studies

  • Meetings, roundtable discussions, workshops

  • Democratic processes

  • User involvement

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