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Viden og analyser af borgernes holdninger og handlinger omkring klima ved PLANGRUPPEN


Support citizens in climate action

We have a responsibility. Citizens' actions in relation to housing, transport and consumption also play a role in reducing C02 emissions. Therefore, visibility around the citizens' options for action is an important factor in the climate fight. The municipalities have a task in relation to involving citizens and local communities in sustainable solutions through knowledge, information and collaboration on opportunities.

Activation through knowledge and dialogue

If you believe that citizens, home owners, developers and companies can together contribute to solutions to the climate challenge, dialogue and cooperation provide opportunities to strengthen efforts. For example, in matters of energy renovation in owner-occupied and rented homes, new transport options and transport habits and opportunities for sustainable consumption. The planning group offers actor collaboration through micro universes, dialogue groups and workshops.

Knowledge about the status and orientation of citizens in the climate issue is an important element in the involvement in the climate issue. This includes knowledge of drivers and barriers among citizens for sustainable housing, transport and consumption. With our citizen analysis and assistance for involvement, we help to pave the way for increased activation of citizens in the climate issue.

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